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Furniture made from paper

The idea behind Papercomb is as simple as it is complex: Furniture that makes modern life easier, looks good, stays sturdy, and isn’t a burden on the environment. Of course, cardboard furniture does not only have to be sturdy, it also needs to be able to compete with more commonly used wooden furniture. Long story short: We wanted to make high-quality, functional, and stylish furniture that is easy to carry, easy on the environment and – last but not least – easy on the budget. The solution: Furniture made from paper.


Full-fledged furniture

Full disclosure: Papercomb did not invent the idea of paper furniture. Many designers have already experimented with using paper and cardboard within living spaces. However, only few concepts have proven to be usable in day-to-day life. What makes our products different from other paper furniture? Papercomb products are fully usable and built to last. They are functional, sturdy, and fit anywhere thanks to their clean and minimalist design. You might not even notice that our shelves and other items are made from cardboard. They look and feel the way ‘normal’ furniture is supposed to.


A special kind of cardboard

Papercomb furniture stands out due to what’s on the inside: the boards are constructed with a patented honeycomb structure that works differently from commonly used crinkled cardboard. Compared to cheaper paper furniture, it is significantly more sturdy and durable. Our robust shelves and stools carry a lot of weight and they last just as long as common furniture made from chipboard or MDF does – if not longer. We still managed to give Papercomb furniture a particularly clean look. The edges of the boards are covered in paper to hide the honeycomb core on the inside. You can only see a smooth, neat paper surface – no way to tell that this is furniture made from paper.


The advantages of Papercomb furniture

Furniture made from paper is extremely lightweight. Moving in, out, and around, pop-up stores, trade fairs – Papercomb furniture is easy to transport, assemble, and disassemble. All of our pieces can easily be plugged together and apart. They can all be assembled with your bare hands – no tools needed. Most importantly though: Papercomb furniture is sustainable. The concept is based on principles of the circular economy. The base materials are almost completely made from recycled paper and cardboard and are sourced regionaly from a German vendor in Saxony. If you ever have no use for a piece of furniture anymore, you can simply dispose of it alongside regular recycling paper. Everything about our furniture is recyclable.


Who is behind Papercomb?

We are certain that this is the right time for durable cardboard furniture and that they will play a vital part in a cleaner, greener future. With Papercomb furniture you no longer have to decide between style, functionality, and sustainability. Our furniture made from paper is high-quality, sturdy, and eco-friendly.

The initiator

Thomas Wyschkon is an industrial engineer with many years of experience from numerous large technology firms in Germany. Alarmed by the worldwide pollution of our oceans, he decided to change gears and shift his focus towards sustainability. For years he has been researching sustainable alternatives for various manufacturing materials and has used his company Novidi to support other businesses with their shift towards plastic-free production and packaging. Currently, Thomas lives in Hamburg with his family. But from time to time, he and his partner like to pack their own cardboard furniture to go and see the world from different perspectives.

The designer

For a while now, Frank Huster has been concerned with issues of sustainable living and design. Ever since the 70s, the designer and architect has experimented with paper and cardboard as building materials. The solution he ended up with aligned perfectly with the idea behind Papercomb – versatile and leightweight stacking systems made from durable and fully recyclable material: Furniture made from paper.

The team

Papercomb is further supported by Tom, Laura, Dominik, Bea and Nicola. They bring expertise and experience from the most varied backgrounds – from business engineering, IT, social media, PR, marketing and communications, all the way to architecture and design. The team has joined forces and competencies for Papercomb. Each and every one of us has had to deal with annoying moves, carry furniture up endless staircases, and screw together and apart countless shelves. Papercomb furniture is a step in the right direction – for ourselves and for the environment.

Do you have ideas on how we could further improve our furniture made from paper? Just get in touch anytime. Feel free to give us a call or send an email.

Your Papercomb Team

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