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Furniture made from cardboard is in and there is good reason for it: They are easy on the environment and easy to transport. They are the perfect companion in your personal life or in a professional environment. Papercomb’s furniture made from cardboard combines timeless, elegant design, with a high level of utility. A balance the competitors often tend to neglect. We want to give you some background and what was important to us during the development of our furniture.

Why did we decide to try and make high-quality furniture from seemingly cheap materials? We wanted to create a series of product that

1. are durable
2. have a lot of utility
3. are easy to carry
4. do not look cheap
5. are classy and timeless
6. can easily be repaired


What we came up with is a series of products consisting of a series of shelf systems, benches, and stools, as well as add-ons and replacement parts. All furniture is made from cardboard. Furthermore, have have developed beds and tables, that are ready for sale. The inventor of these products is well-known in the German world of design – Frank Huster, firm believer in the power of change and the implementation of a cyclical economy. We want used products to become the basis of new inventions!

Why furniture made from cardboard and not from wood?

Our furniture made from cardboard has various advantages over common wooden furniture.

1. it is approximately 60% lighter
2. it is primarily made from recycled materials
3. it can be locally sourced
4. it can assembled without the need for tools
5. the edges are less sharp and thus less dangerous to handle

Hence, the material is the perfect foundation for our furniture made from cardboard – the lightweight material is high-quality and looks slick and valuable. The most common feedback we get: People never expected that furniture made from cardboard could be so sturdy and elegant! See for yourself – you will not regret becoming part of the family. It’s never been easier to do something good for yourself and the environment!


Introducing: Shelly, the cardboard shelf with star potential

Our shelf system Shelly is a master piece – self-sustaining, screwless, and timeless thanks to its Bauhaus-inspired design. To allow for more variation, Shelly comes in two color schemes (dull white and cardboard brown) as well as in different sizes. The small 3×3 shelf is 125cm wide and fits even in small spaces. Its big sister offers 3×5 compartments and has a height of 195 cm. If you need any more space and a potential room divider, there is also a 5×5 version of our shelf Shelly.

The great thing about our shelves is that they can be used in either lying or standing position. That way, a slender standing shelf can quickly turn into a stylish highboard. What if you are living in an old building with odd angles and crooked walls? You can easily fit each shelf to your personal needs with a simple box cutter.


Becky and Stella – Seating furniture made from cardboard

Just as our shelves, our benches and stools Becky and Stella were designed with the purpose of perfectly fitting into your life. One day, Stella is a shelf on your wall. However, if the next day there is an unexpected visitor or an extra guest for dinner, you can easily repurpose it a an extra seat. Furthermore, it can be tilted to the side to act as an extra step to reach high places or as a comfortable play area for kids. Two different possible height help to find the perfect ergonomical position for your needs. Since the cardboard furniture is made from very light materials, even children can very easily carry them around.

Our bench Becky has all the advantages of our stool Stella and can also be used as an extra high table, e.g. for parties or trade fairs. Here at Papercomb we think about flexibility and practicality. Life these days isn’t static anymore and who stays at the same place for 20 years anyway? Our pieces of furniture made from cardboard are anything but an interim solution – they are first class life companions.


Customizing furniture made from cardboard is incredibly simple.

With our selection of repair parts and supplies we tried to use the limited resources to maximum effect. A familiar situation: A beloved piece of furniture is broken and your only option is to just go and buy a new one. Either because there are no repair parts or because they are so expensive that it is not worth the hassle. Furthermore, it would lead to a waste of resources, which is something we didn’t want to accept for our furniture made from cardboard. The leading principle for the construction of our furniture: All pieces need to be replaceable. Hence, if anything ever goes wrong, all of our pieces of furniture can be replaced, piece by piece in any situation.

With these replacement parts you can also customize and add to the furniture in the future. Either mix different colors or paint them yourself. The only thing to consider is that the paint is not too wet. You can customize each piece of furniture to your heart’s content.

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